Our Story

The fabulous name of CathCurios was always going to be called just that as its origin
comes from ME! "Cath"! Why wouldn't I put my own name on the products I love.

Originally born & bred in Zimbabwe, now a married woman & mother of 2.

CathCurios is purely an online store based in Exeter, UK offering a unique range of products inspired
by the beauty of Southern Africa. Whether you are interested in our home décor or fashion you
can add a little cultural flavour to your lifestyle.

Your shopping experience will be truly distinctive as each product is handcrafted meaning that no
two items are identically the same. Designed and produced with quality and beauty in mind,
we supply products that demand admiration and lasts for generations.

Customers are assured with each purchase from CathCurios, they have made their own positive
contribution to the welfare of those living in poverty.  By working together with its suppliers CathCurios
aims to assist impoverished communities to create sustainable livelihoods and a brighter future.
Big hugs, loads of laughter & love