Porcupine Quill Wall Lampshade

Porcupine Quill Wall Lampshade consist of 45 quills.
Sizes are as follows: Height 30cm  /  Width 20cm
**Porcupine quills are collected by hand once the animal has naturally shed them. The quills have to be collected because they pose a danger to other farm animals. But instead of burning them, the farm workers are now able to sell them to us in exchange for cash, food or clothing.

How to care for your lampshades ~

Using a damp cloth, carefully clean the quills as they are sharp and fragile. Using a energy saving light bulb with a maximum of 800 lumen, helps keep the quills stronger and longer.  Keep the lampshade out of direct sunlight, this will save the quills from turning white to yellow.

MADE TO ORDER (Takes 1 week in shipping time)

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